The Elms coach up to 7,000 children per week in extra curricula clubs, all of whom are eligible for the ESS Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard is a form of assessment which allows you, the parent, to track your child’s progress throughout the duration of their extra curricula activity.

New Format

Since 2012 the Leaderboard has been an annual competition – this has now changed to a termly format, allowing children to finish higher up the ranking even if they have joined a course for just one term – making the top prizes accessible to everyone.

As before, children are scored on:



Work Ethic



Autumn Term 2017 Winners

Champion – Avital Levine (Beit Shvidler)

2nd Place – Ayelet Bloch (Beit Shvidler)

3rd Place – Gila Youngerwood (Beit Shvidler)

Joint 4th Place – Romir Varia (Elms Stanmore)

Joint 4th Place – Rohan Lukha (Elms Stanmore)

Joint 4th Place – Kaian Patel (Elms Stanmore)

Joint 4th Place – Kayahna Patel (Elms Stanmore)

Joint 4th Place – Adam Eckles (St Bernadette School)

Joint 4th Place – Luke O’Loughlin (St Bernadette School)

Joint 4th Place – Lisa Tizirai (St Bernadette School)


1st Place – £100 plus 1 term’s free sports course

2nd Place – £75 plus 1 term’s free sports course

3rd Place – £50 plus 1 term’s free sports course

4th-10th Place – 1 term’s free sports course

Please note, 1 term’s free sports course applies to 1 club / 1 day per week only.

Should a child be registered (and paid for) by their school, their prize will be replaced by a voucher (to the equivalent value) for the school to purchase sports equipment.

In addition to the individual awards, the school with the most children finishing in the top 100 will be awarded The Elms Sport in Schools Outstanding Achievement Certificate for that term. This recognises participation, education and excellence in the sports department.

How Does the Scheme Work?

  • After each coaching session your child will receive marks out of 10. This mark will determine his/her points for that week e.g. Week 1 – score 8 = 800 points.
  • Points accumulate over one term and the final score at the end of each term determine your child’s place in the ESS Leaderboard table.
  • Those children who attend more that one club per week will be awarded their mean score across the sessions each week.
  • It’s simple – the player with the most points at the end of the competition will be the ESS National Champion.
  • The competition enables your child to compete against other children of all ages and abilities in all different sports whilst learning the major skills required for their particular activity.

Checking Your Position

The Leaderboard will be updated weekly and your child/children can check their position by clicking here

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