Sports Premium

The Elms Sport in Schools is recognised as one of the top providers of specialist sports provision for Primary Schools in London and the Home Counties.

School Sports Premium has never been so brilliantly funded by the Government, so why not let us help you achieve the very best for your School’s pupils.

Extra-Curriculum Programme – 12 weeks Breakfast/After School Clubs

There are a number of options for these clubs, detailed below:

1. Gifted & Talented

A programme designed to ensure those excelling in physical education can continue to grow and further enhance their skills. Programmes can be sport specific or a multi sport format.

2. New Sports

Of course, we do the ordinary, but why not be extraordinary and try something new? Sometimes children just need the opportunity to flourish. The Elms can deliver a programme for the following KS2 sports:

  • American football (flag football)
  • boxing (non-contact)
  • golf (SNAG, starting new at golf)

3. Core Curriculum Sports

As well as the above new sports, we do of course deliver the following:

  • athletics
  • cricket
  • dodgeball
  • football
  • gymnastics
  • hockey
  • multi sports
  • rugby
  • tennis

4. Active Children

A bespoke or sports specific programme can be devised to allow less active and confident children to enjoy sport. The idea is to ensure children are regularly participating in sport and are actively looking, with the help of The Elms, for exit routes and opportunities to continue to play outside of school.

5. Girls Only

Most girls perform better and are more actively engaged when there are no boys involved. Having ‘Girls Only’ clubs are proven to enhance development and boost interest – leading to an increase in girls continuing to play.

Cost for all above clubs

£600 plus VAT for a 1 hour x 12 week programme, either before or after school
KS2 – 20:1
KS1 – 16:1

Equipment for all clubs will be supplied by The Elms

Inter House Competitions

This is a programme designed to increase healthy competition within the school. Bespoke programmes can be devised in most sports, based on resources at the School.

Our Head of Operations will be able to design competitions after visiting your school. These events can be held weekly, either during school hours or after school. One day competitions can also be devised.

Cost – as programmes are bespoke to suit the individual needs of schools, costs can vary considerably


Do members of staff require ‘up-skilling’ in Physical Education? The Elms can offer the following ways to further enhance a teacher’s skills:

1) On a termly basis, staff can be trained in specific sports in 3 week blocks, using the ‘Team, Teach and Practice’ formula.

Cost £225 per day plus VAT

2) New Sports – if you would like your staff to be competent in delivering new and exciting sports to pupils, a 12 week programme can be designed which will give staff the necessary training and knowledge to continue delivering sessions/lessons. Training in new sports include non-contact boxing, golf and flag football. This course would take place during lesson time with classes.

Cost £225 per day plus VAT £2,700 plus VAT per 12 week term

If you would like a consultation with our Head of Operations (at no charge), please call us to book a visit on 020 8954 8787

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